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  1. GeoCorp, Inc.
    GeoCorp, Inc.
    Bet you didn't know you can "Build Your Own Thermocouple" online.
  2. YellowLite
    A Little UX and Tracking Goes a Long Way
  3. GMS
    As Ohio's no. 1 professional employer organization, Group Management Services needed a way to educate business owners on the services they provide.
  4. Timco Rubber
    Timco Rubber
    It's Cool, We've Helped Bring in Profits for Over a Decade.
  5. Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve
    Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve
    Driving Improved E-Commerce Conversion Rates for Desktop & Mobile
  6. St. Vincent Charity Medical Center
    St. Vincent Charity Medical Center
    St. Vincent Charity Goes Responsive
  7. Cuyahoga Arts & Culture
    Cuyahoga Arts & Culture
    How a new website increased the visibility of arts and cultural events by over 1000%
  8. Whirley Drinkworks!
    Whirley Drinkworks!
    Not Only Fun, But Business Savvy Too
  9. Vocon
    Structured content makes site updates super easy.
  10. Shurtech Paintover Challenge
    Shurtech Paintover Challenge
    Engaging users with FrogTape's Paintover Challenge
  11. Arborwear
    When you have more than 50 percent mobile traffic, it's time for a responsive website redesign.