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Cybersecurity Company saw 1231% ROI from Paid Advertising

Struggling to attract quality leads through their former agency Google Search Ad efforts, a global cybersecurity company turned to their new agency for help.

Pain Points

High Campaign Costs

While the ads had solid impressions, the click-through and conversion rates were nowhere close to benchmarks for the industry

Unqualified Conversions

Contact form fills were often either spammy or low-quality—far from high intent leads looking for B2B cybersecurity services 


Limited communication and data reporting between marketing and sales left a blank space when it came to campaign ROI

To solve their problems, we focused on bottom of the funnel tactics with Google Search ad campaigns paired with strong analytics tracking.


Step one included an audit of the last 12 months of their Google Ads campaign performance, Google Analytics, and HubSpot Account 


We partnered with their business development team to discuss services, company goals, and market demand to identify how digital advertising could best support their needs moving forward. 


Once a baseline was set,we began executing the new paid strategy. Google Ads campaigns were rebuilt with a focus on high intent keywords to target B2B searchers with cybersecurity knowledge. Brand equity and keywords were defended with a brand campaign. 


New conversion tracking was set up to correspond with high-intent website actions within GA4 and lead tracking lists were created in HubSpot. This allowed us to accurately track conversions from ads all the way to won business tracked in HubSpot and help provide transparency and value to marketing efforts. 

The Results


Approx. $42k in Ad spend resulted in over $500k in revenue  


Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): $12.30, for every dollar spent, this client saw a return in revenue of over $12.  


Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL): 73% of all paid inbound leads were considered Marketing Qualified.

Exceptional Expertise

"Our relationship with Aztek has been nothing short of phenomenal. Their exceptional expertise, unwavering dedication to the success of all our programs, and unparalleled team make them the ideal digital marketing partner to collaborate with."

Patrick Magyar, Marketing Manager, TrustedSec

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