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Digital Marketing Audit Services

Get a birds-eye view on your digital marketing efforts with a comprehensive audit.

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Do you know what your competitors are doing?

We do! Or at least, we can find out. During our audit, we’ll identify where your competitors have the upper hand. We’ll review your SEO, paid advertising, social media, and email efforts and pair our findings with recommendations on how you can improve your digital marketing efforts and get ahead of your competitors. 

How’s the health of your site?

Is your site slow? Are you missing important certifications that ensure site security for your visitors? Are you following best practices for meta titles and descriptions? Our Technical SEO audit will answer all these questions and more, giving you a laundry list of opportunities that will improve your site speed and site health, making your end users and Google happy. 

Is your current strategy enough?

At Aztek, we recommend a full funnel strategy that turns impressions to traffic, traffic to conversions, conversions to leads, leads to customers, and customers to advocates for your business. We’ll dig into your existing strategy and identify gaps where people may be falling out of that funnel. 

Do you have a defined voice for your business?

A consistent tone for your messaging is critical to a successful content strategy. We’ll schedule a meeting to help you define your tone of voice for future content on your website and social media.

How does a digital marketing audit work?

We’ll start with a kickoff meeting, where our team gets to understand your business, goals, what sets you apart from your competitors, who those competitors are, and what has worked for you in the past. Then... we get to work. We’ll spend the next 4-to-6 weeks digging into your accounts and doing research on your customers, your industry, and (most importantly) your company. We can complete a comprehensive digital marketing audit or focus on any of the following services: 

  • SEO audit 
  • Paid advertising audit 
  • Email marketing audit 
  • Content audit 
  • Social media audit 

What am I going to get?

You’ll receive an easily digestible PDF report, presented to you in a meeting, with everything that we’ve found while doing our audit and our recommendations. This report could inform decisions that your internal marketing team has been holding off on making or could be the foundation for a strategy with a digital marketing agency (ahem... Aztek). Finally, you'll get an idea of what it’s like to have a working relationship with some of the smartest, funniest, most humble digital marketers in the game. If that sounds like something your business could use, let us know! We are here to help.  

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