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Careers at Aztek

Love your work and take on new challenges with us.

Current openings

Let’s be honest, this is what you really want to see.

There are no current openings, please check back soon.

Please note: We happen to originate from the Northeast Ohio area but this whole Covid thing means we've transitioned to be 100% remote for the foreseeable future. As such, we have a remote onboarding program to successfully onboard new employees and are focused on welcoming new employees in a very personal and thoughtful way.**

Employees at Aztek eating cookies

What can you expect from a career at Aztek?


  • Unlimited PTO* (* you still have to get your work done)
  • Paid Holidays
  • Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance
  • 401k with employer contribution
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Flexible schedules
  • Compressed workweek option
  • “Summer (go home early) Fridays” except they are all year.
  • Fully remote work with coworking options
  • Wellness hours to stay healthy


  • High-trust, high accountability
  • Hire smart people and let them tell you how it should be done
  • Casual, with a sense of humor
  • Beer (or bourbon, your choice really)
  • Transparent management and leadership (we share financials!)
  • Regular team social events (introverts are excused)
  • Sometimes, we use swear words

Work Environment

  • EOS run company. EOS gives us tools to solve problems and operate the company in an amazing way. You won’t believe the difference.
  • If you see a better way to work, let’s do that instead. We’re a small and nimble company. If we don’t like something, we just change it.
  • We give credit where credit is due. Nobody is going to steal your thunder here.
  • We don’t sit over your shoulder and micromanage.
  • When we say we’re done working, we’re actually done working. Go home. have a life outside of work.
  • Clarity on your role and responsibilities
  • Not gonna lie, working at an agency can also be high-stress so you better be able to handle it.


  • Market rate (or better) salaries
  • Formal, regular compensation and review system based on EOS
  • Annual profit bonuses
  • Employee sales referral bonus program

Career Path

  • Stable company - over 25 years in business
  • Annual continuing education allowance to help you grow and develop professionally
  • Feedback, mentorship from your peers
  • Management training resources

What do we expect from you?

If you want to get hired here, you’ve got to embody our values.

Help Others

This is the reason we exist. Our core purpose is to help people to succeed by providing the best digital solutions.

Take Ownership

We value people who like to take an idea and run with it. We own our mistakes as much as we celebrate our successes. Our team is comprised of doers and leaders.

Be a Trusted Advisor

We aren't an "outsourced provider," we're a trusted advisor and part of our clients' teams. We pride ourselves on sharing expertise and building relationships on trust.

Get Shit Done

Plain and simple, we get shit done. As much as we focus on strategy and thought leadership, our team works hard to deliver the highest quality digital solutions.

Be Honest

No sugarcoating here. We use data, expertise, and research to give clients our honest recommendations. We guide clients when times are tough, and celebrate success with our clients.

Even our bad days are better than some companies’ good days

Agency life is not for everyone and we want you to know what you’re getting yourself into. Tight deadlines, outrageous requests, and juggling multiple projects. It’s not all sunshine and puppy dogs. And it’s not a place where people can coast, doing the bare minimum.

Meet some of Our Team

Meet all of us!