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Jason Kepic

Technical Support Specialist

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Fun Facts

  • I've been known to create some pretty intricate watermelon carvings for my nieces' and nephew's birthday parties.
  • I enjoyed the HBO series Deadwood so much that I still haven't watched the third season or the 2019 movie because I wasn't ready for it to end and would rather save it as something I can always look forward to completing. I also did this with a comedy podcast that came to an end.


  • Honey Hut Ice Cream (Honey Pecan) - I'm not sure if people realize how many small local and regional ice cream parlors there are in Ohio, but Honey Hut's honey pecan will always reign supreme for me.
  • Cleveland Metroparks - Cleveland and Northeast Ohio in general has an amazing and expansive park system. I not only enjoy them, but also enjoy seeing other people out taking advantage of them.
  • Listening to film scores while I work - A few favorites are Yann Tiersen's score of Amelie, Clint Mansell's score of The Fountain, and most recently Hans Zimmer's score of Dune.

Industry Resources

"Any fool can make something complicated.  It takes a genius to make it simple."

Woody Guthrie