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Social Media Marketing & Advertising

Our social media services help drive stronger engagement within your audience, expand your reach, and share meaningful content that tells your brand's story.


Social Media Management

Save time and resources by keeping your social networks active with a custom social media marketing strategy and ongoing social media management. We'll work with you to curate, schedule, and post content on your behalf while setting you up with the tools needed to monitor engagement.

Social Media Advertising

Leverage digital advertising for social media campaigns aimed at driving traffic to your website or to physical locations, or generating leads right from each social platform. Our proven strategies are designed to promote specific products or services and generate valuable leads for your organization.

Social Media Audit

Take a comprehensive dive into the impact your social channels are driving, where there are new opportunities, and recommendations for how your social networks can better support your business goals. 


Social media is a powerful digital marketing tool to connect with current and prospective customers. If you’re not already speaking directly to your audience through the social channels, you’re missing out on key opportunities to drive brand awareness, increase website traffic, and generate more qualified leads.

Aztek’s team of social media experts can help identify which social channels attract your ideal customers, share content that will catch their interest, and proactively grow your audience. To bolster your efforts, our social media advertising strategies can get your message in front of social media users who match any demographics and interests you want to target.

At a glance

There are 3.5 billion active users on social media globally 

Marketers are spending more on social media advertising; with social media ad spend amounting to more than $89 billion in 2019.

76% of American consumers purchased a product after seeing a brand’s social post.

Our Process

We’ll work with you to implement the best tactics to grab your audience's attention and win their business. Through high-quality content, smart promotional strategies, and paid advertising campaigns, Aztek can super-charge your social media presence and turn it into one of your company’s most effective marketing tools.

Identify Business Goals & KPIs.
Recommend Networks & Approach.
Content Development & Review:
Create Visuals, Posts or Ad Copy.
Publish & Analyze.

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