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Don’t Get Blinded By Distraction Metrics In Digital Marketing

In Digital Marketing, It’s All About Conversions

While other metrics are important — things like keyword rankings, bounce rate, and social media followers — you shouldn’t let them blind you from what matters most.

Many digital agencies focus on these less significant elements in client reporting. I call them “distraction metrics,” because they’re just that: distractions from what matters most.

If you’re not making money, then it doesn’t matter if you rank well for a specific keyword phrase. If you’re not getting qualified leads, then having thousands of likes on your Facebook page is meaningless.

digital marketing metrics and ROI


You Need a Mobile-Friendly Site. Seriously.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few years, you probably already knew that more and more people are browsing the web from smartphones and tablets. What you may not have realized is that mobile internet usage - both in terms of total users and time spent -  now exceeds PC internet usage.

So it comes as no surprise that Google recently announced that mobile-friendly websites will get a rankings boost for searches on mobile devices starting on April 21, 2015.

Home sweet home.

How Does this Impact My Business?


Why SEO Is Shortsighted

Have you ever been in this situation?

You’re sitting at a bar watching your favorite game of choice (possibly the World Cup, go #USMNT!) and the guy or gal next to you strikes up a conversation.

2001 Actor Hugh Jackman at a bar. Image by Anders Overgaard/ CORBIS OUTLINE


This can go one of two ways:

  1. They tell you something interesting, maybe some fun World Cup facts.
  2. They start on a long diatribe about an unrelated and miserably boring topic.

Now, imagine your marketing content is the conversation topic.

Would you try to escape the conversation?


2013 in Review: What's New in Organic Search?

We like to say the winds of change are constantly swirling when it comes to organic search engine optimization. One of the biggest changes ever to happen was the launch of Google's new ranking algorithm back in August 2013, titled Google "Hummingbird".

In the latest edition of 2013 in Review, learn more from Dave and me about how Google Hummingbird is impacting your your company's web presence. 


Google Secure Search: Blocking Organic Keyword Data

Fair Warning: you’re not going to like the news I’m about to share with you.

Yesterday, Google confirmed that they are encrypting all organic search activity. Translation: you won’t be able to see data for specific organic keywords from Google anymore, regardless of your analytics platform.

This is a major blow to companies that implement responsible organic web marketing strategies, and a hypocritical move by Google. If you’re at all familiar with the search engine giant, or if you have ever worked with a web marketing partner, you have probably heard that the formula for organic web marketing success starts with providing content that’s valuable to your end users. With this latest move, it's clear that Google isn't taking its own advice!


How Soon Will I See SEO Results?

It’s not uncommon for us to get this question from prospects who are considering an SEO campaign: “If I do SEO, how soon will I get results?”


It’s a valid question to ask. After all, you’re considering spending money, and you want to know as soon as possible that you’re going to get a good return on investment.

Unfortunately, it’s not a question that can be easily answered. What we can tell you is that it’s not uncommon to see little or no return on your investment for as long as six months.


Title Tag Optimization: Make Sure They Show in Google

When a user makes a search query in Google, their first impression of a website is the title tag. An effective title tag will make it more likely that a searcher can find the most relevant content more quickly and with less frustration. In other words, Google can use title tags to promote a good user experience.

Unfortunately for Google, many websites ignore or under-utilize their title tags. To combat this, Google started looking for "clues" around these un-optimized pages to make inferences about what a good title tag would be.


Group Management Services: A Content and SEO Success Story

Content and SEO

So you're a company that provides a great service. This service is proven to save your customers time and money. But your target audience doesn't fully understand your service or, even worse, they don't even know that your industry exists. To make matters more complicated, your website doesn't reflect the high level of quality that you provide to your existing customers. What do you do to grow?

Consider web marketing.


SEO: Checking Under the Hood

Organic search engine optimization has three parts:

  • Onsite optimization
  • Offsite optimization
  • Technical optimization

Technical SEO Looks Under the Hood

Onsite SEO includes elements like title tags and on-page content. Offsite means things like social media presence and sharing as well as inbound links. And technical optimization means things like XML sitemaps, URL structure, 404 error pages, and other web elements “under the hood.”