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David Skorepa

Endurance Artist

David is the chief creative officer at Aztek, where he oversees the creative team and all design-related efforts, sets project creative direction and execution, and works closely with development, content, and digital marketing teams.

David earned a bachelor’s degree in illustration from Savannah College of Art and Design.

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Fun Facts

  • I don't like being hugged, but I do like using explosives (the two are not related).
  • I nearly got arrested once for ruining the scene of a movie that Clint Eastwood directed (Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil).
  • I am currently teaching myself woodworking.


  • Loder's Shake Shoppe: Do yourself a favor and order a Big Bear, onion rings, and a chocolate banana milkshake (they use real bananas).
  • Playhouse Square: Support the arts, especially Playhouse Square. We have one of the best arts communities in the country.
  • Cleveland Metroparks: Quite possibly the best part of living in Cleveland.

What I do at Aztek:

  • Look for new ideas (big or small) that can make our projects (and Aztek) better.
  • Implement as many of those ideas as I can.
  • Spend as much time designing as possible.

Industry Resources

  • Smashing Magazine: Always thoughtful, high-quality articles about the Web Design industry.
  • Pinterest: It's not just for recipes and home decor. I start all my design inspiration and mood boarding here.
  • Tim Ferriss Podcast: Not specifically about web design, but tons of great takeaways for all aspects of your life packed into every episode.
  • Design Rush: We are a proud agency partner of Design Rush. Read more

Use the force, Harry.