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Frank Branicky

Director of Development

Frank initially studied at the University of Akron pursuing a degree in anthropology and archaeology. He later received a bachelor’s degree from Cleveland State University in computer information science. Prior to joining Aztek, Frank held multiple roles in software development at Broadvox and Onosys.

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Frank Branicky Bio image 1

Fun Facts

  • I studied archaeology for three years before switching to computer science. Turns out it's not like Indiana Jones at all.
  • My backyard pizza making hobby has taken over summer weekends.


Industry Resources

  • Beginning Balance podcast - all manner of things about small business from the founder of YNAB
  • Jimmy Bogard - his posts on CQRS have influenced my coding style quite a bit
  • /r/programming - I like to read this over breakfast to see what's going on outside the .Net universe

Pizza makes me think that anything is possible.

Henry Rollins