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Joe Humenuik

SEO Strategist

I'm an SEO professional with a passion for data, hockey, and sloths. Okay, maybe not in that order. I thrive on helping businesses climb the search engine ranks, and in my spare time I enjoy crafting goofy T-shirt designs and devouring non-fiction audiobooks. If you need a website optimized or just want to chat about the latest AI tools, I'm your guy. Bonus points if you can teach me a new Mandarin phrase!

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Fun Facts

  • During COVID, I wore a blow-up unicorn costume to mow my lawn to get a few laughs. National news outlets were more interested in the guy who wore it while clearing snow. 
  • I don’t like Olives.
  • All the animals in my house are named after Disney characters.


  • Winter
  • Hockey & Football
  • Hot Pot

Short cuts make long delays.

Pippin Took