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Patricia Kisinger

Growth Marketing Manager

Trisha is the Growth Marketing Manager at Aztek, where she supports clients’ paid advertising efforts through research, strategy, ad copy and design, and analytics.

Trisha has multiple Google Ads certifications, as well as a Google Analytics certification and SEO Fundamentals certification from SEMRush. Prior to joining Aztek, she served as a digital marketing associate and content writer for SplashLink.

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Fun Facts

  • Favorite activities include trying new restaurants, repeatedly binging Parks and Recreation, and pop culture.
  • I have a weakness for indoor plants. They’re slowly taking over my apartment.
  • I amuse myself by rotating the vowel in my name when I play trivia i.e. “Tresh,” “Trash,” “Trosh,” etc.


  • Noble Best Brewing Co, notable highlights: CLE Corndog
  • Platform Brewing Co, notable highlights: Anything
  • Xinji Noodle Bar, notable highlights: All the ramen, Korean fried chicken
  • Fairmount, notable highlights: Happy hour
  • Lakewood Plant Company, pro-tip: Plan a budget ahead of time

Industry Resources

You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take. - Wayne Gretzky -Michael Scott