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Patricia Kisinger

Paid Media Manager

Trisha is a paid media manager at Aztek, where she supports client’s paid advertising efforts through research, strategy, ad copy and design, and analytics.

Trisha has multiple Google Ads certifications, as well as a Google Analytics certification and SEO Fundamentals certification from SEMRush. Prior to joining Aztek, she served as a digital marketing associate and content writer for SplashLink.

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Fun Facts

  • Favorite activities include trying new restaurants, repeatedly binging Parks and Recreation, and pop culture.
  • I have a weakness for indoor plants. They’re slowly taking over my apartment.
  • I amuse myself by rotating the vowel in my name when I play trivia i.e. “Tresh,” “Trash,” “Trosh,” etc.


  • Noble Best Brewing Co, notable highlights: CLE Corndog
  • Platform Brewing Co, notable highlights: Anything
  • Xinji Noodle Bar, notable highlights: All the ramen, Korean fried chicken
  • Fairmount, notable highlights: Happy hour
  • Lakewood Plant Company, pro-tip: Plan a budget ahead of time

Industry Resources

You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take. - Wayne Gretzky -Michael Scott