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A Custom Rubber Supplier Success Story: Improving ROI by 42% in One Year

Do you know what’s better than driving more traffic to a website? Driving the right traffic.

A supplier of custom rubber products and parts recognized early on that it had an opportunity to expand its prospective customer base by focusing on digital marketing. With help from Aztek, the client built a quality website that put the company on the online map for anyone looking for top rubber products in a variety of markets. This step, along with ongoing digital marketing efforts, allowed the client to drive traffic to the site and generate new leads. The focus on digital marketing was a success in a largely offline industry, but the company still faced one major issue: a lack of volume in quality leads.

While the initial boost in traffic and leads was a great start, both Aztek and the client knew that it was time to refine their goals. As such, Aztek developed a comprehensive digital marketing plan aimed at increasing quality traffic and lead generation from the site, alongside nurturing prospective and current customers with targeted, high-quality content.

A Plan to Improve Quality Web Traffic and Lead Generation 

Throughout the discovery process, Aztek identified an opportunity to evaluate the traffic coming to its site and narrow in on quality prospective customers more than ever before. The client's organic traffic grew from 2017 through 2019, but the visitors weren’t always the right match for the business. After some research, Aztek recognized that a large portion of the client's traffic was looking for educational information on rubber products and materials – or worse, they were hobbyists who wanted to place an order for a single custom rubber part.

Neither type of user was all that valuable to the client, so it was Aztek’s job to focus on ways to attract the client's intended audience. To do this, Aztek leveraged the following tactics to increase the quality of traffic and leads from online sources:

  • Update Google Search Advertising
    • The client used Google ads to maintain a constant presence in search engine results pages for a targeted audience. However, some of these leads weren’t qualified, so we aimed to tweak our targeted demographic for searches around rubber part manufacturing companies and relevant material terms to generate more quality leads and fewer clicks from people in need of one-off parts for their at-home projects.
  • Optimize Existing Website Content
    • While the client's website helped the company enjoy its initial surge in traffic and leads, it was determined that the content on that site could use a few updates. Aztek got to work regularly updating older pages of the website to keep information relevant and fresh. We also identified new ways to improve the user experience and drive more leads to help capture existing traffic while adding or tweaking language to draw even more relevant users to specific pages.
  • Produce Quality Blog Posts
    • In addition to updating existing pages or build new ones, Aztek also determined that adding new blog posts would help drive more targeted traffic to the site. We interviewed various experts from our client's company to produce a steady cadence of blog post content aimed toward topics or questions of interest to legitimate potential customers.
  • Create Longform Downloadable Guides
    • Another focus was to use take longer blog posts or other more sizable pieces of content and turn them into long-form guides. These longer pieces were not only used as another piece of quality content on the client's site, they were also utilized as downloadable/gated pieces that generate monthly leads.
  • Start Marketing Automation
    • As users shared their information, we were then able to add these new contacts to a new email marketing automation campaign. These new contacts were added to a carefully crafted nurture process, we could serve these leads relevant information or drive users to specific landing pages. In addition, we also plan to eventually add these users to an ongoing contact list to serve them with company newsletters containing useful information to get more value out of existing customers.

The Results

After months of implementing the aforementioned tactics, the client experienced a stark improvement in not only quality leads, but also revenue from online sources. The updates to the site content did cause the growth of organic traffic to slow down while Google re-indexed pages, but the process didn’t inhibit lead generation – quite the opposite, in fact.

Between the new content, updated paid efforts, and marketing automation, the client now receives more quality, directed traffic to the site. This increased traffic has also fed directly into our marketing automation efforts as more people willingly shared their contact information in exchange for downloading long-form content. Over time, we’ll be able to add those emails to our marketing automation nurture programs to find new ways to provide services – and earn revenue – from an engaged audience.

By targeting higher quality users, the client has increased the total number of leads as well as improved overall lead quality, both organically and from Google ads. While the client still receives the occasional call from someone looking for a few custom gaskets for his ’57 Chrysler, our efforts drastically reduced the overall amount of unqualified leads from both online forms and phone calls.

So how much did our efforts impact the client's bottom line? After tallying up the client's revenue from when we began our revamped efforts in September 2018 through August 2019 and subtracting our fees, the client enjoyed a 42.7 percent increase in ROI compared to the previous year. Needless to say, the client was pretty pleased with the return.

What’s even better is that our work isn’t even done. Over time, we’ll continue to improve the client's site and marketing efforts to generate bigger and better opportunities for the company. Flashy numbers may be exciting, but it’s more important to focus on what was right for the client and its customers to encourage steady, healthy growth.

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