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Aztek Grows Organic Traffic by 150% In One Year for Label Printing Company

A growing label printing company specializing in high-quality labels for beer, wine, and liquor had a unique opportunity to take advantage of America’s growing love of craft beer. In addition, emerging markets like cannabis and e-juice presented opportunities for them to seize early market share. The only problem: traffic to their website was stagnant. They needed to regularly produce high-quality content that drove traffic, educated prospects, and drove leads.

Aztek partnered with this Company to develop a comprehensive marketing plan aimed at increasing traffic, leveraging targeted digital advertising for lead generation, and developing a recurring stream of high-quality content on multiple channels.

Increasing Organic Traffic

Through the discovery process, Aztek identified a big opportunity for this Company to become a thought leader in the labeling and packaging industry. There was a huge demand for content around everything from graphic design for labeling to technical considerations. Aztek leveraged the following tactics focused on increased traffic from search engines:

  • Content Research – Aztek conducted thorough research on this Company’s audience and the industries it serves. This included topic and keyword research to identify the most important topics to the audience, in addition to the level of competition for this content within search engines.
  • Content Calendar – Aztek collaborated with this Company to develop a content calendar for recurring blog content, social media, and PDF content.
  • Blog Posts – Aztek’s internal content specialists used to research, interviews, and several Company visits and tours to quickly understand the niche topics and content that would be produced. Each blog post included research prior to determining SEO opportunities.
  • Social Media – Aztek recommended a more sophisticated social media posting and listening platform to use with this Company (available to all Aztek clients), through which a constant stream of engaging posts was delivered to increase traffic and engagement.
  • Search Engine Optimization – In addition to recurring content, Aztek continuously identified opportunities to update this Company’s existing page content to increase search engine exposure.

A strategic search traffic generation strategy naturally takes a few months to see results. After six months, monthly traffic from search engines had increased by over 60%. In roughly one year, search traffic had increased by nearly 150%, or more than double the search traffic the Company was seeing just one prior.

Are these results common?

When organizations have a well-thought-out strategy, are committed to long-term growth, and have a partner that understands their business goals and industry, these results are absolutely achievable. Here are some things that worked well for this Company:

  • Growing Industry – As mentioned above, with the explosive growth of the craft beer industry in America, paired with the addition of emerging industries, there was a high demand for valuable content and thought leadership.
  • Compelling Content – Aztek worked with this Company to ensure that content was deeply educational, informative, and at times entertaining. It was important to use high-quality compelling images to pair with all of the content produced.
  • An active and engaged relationship – The partnership between Aztek and this Company has always been open and collaborative. This Company understood that they would need to be involved in sharing business goals, expertise and results. Aztek understood that quickly developing a deep organizational understanding, constant communication, and ongoing testing was going to be key to the ongoing success

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