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The Simple Switch: How Aztek Increased Leads for a Professional Employer Organization

An Aztek client in the professional services industry had been using the Google Ads platforms for over a year to try to target prospective organizations interested in one of the many services they offer, including HR support, benefits, payroll management, and risk management.

While these keywords were utilized in initial Google Ads campaigns, they were competitive and expensive within the Google Ads landscape. In addition, their paid branded efforts were yielding only existing customers
rather than prospects. Within Google Ads, the client was generating 1-5 low-quality leads per month.

Increasing Lead Generation

Aztek shifted the client from Google Ads to LinkedIn Ads after identifying the key challenges with their historical efforts as well as several distinct opportunities with LinkedIn Ads.

Within LinkedIn, Aztek was able to target a very specific audience that aligned with the client's audience and present a valuable content offer downloadable directly through the LinkedIn platform.

The Outcome

Over a period of just a few months, Aztek was able to use analytics and audience information to increase the number of leads on a monthly basis and decrease the cost-per-lead. The Client saw an immediate increase in the number of leads, which increased over the following months.

Professional Services - Cost Per Lead Graph

Aztek was able able to integrate these leads into the marketing automation nurturing program, as well as integrate the leads automatically into Salesforce, thus reducing the amount of manual work needed from the client's sales team and administrative staff.

Professional Services - Leads per Month Graph

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