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How Aztek Increased Sales by 320% In Less Than Two Years for Concrete Leveling Contractor

A concrete leveling company, specializing in concrete leveling with polyurethane foam, was ready to expand his business when he came to Aztek in 2018. In addition to concrete leveling, the contractor offered services ranging from caulking to filling concrete voids to new concrete and even seawall repair. The contractor was meant to be a one-stop-shop when it came to fulfilling residential and commercial concrete repair needs. However, even with a range of available concrete repair services, he faced what most contractors face: he needed to generate more leads.

The contractor came to Aztek for digital marketing services that would ultimately increase estimates by 293% and sales by 320% in just under two years.

Although he had briefly worked with a marketing agency prior to Aztek, he knew he needed to find a digital marketing agency that truly understood his goals and that could produce the results he was looking for using strategic leadership and expertise. Since 2018, Aztek team has implemented multiple tactics and strategies that have significantly contributed to the drastic increase in leads.

How We Helped Increase Sales by 320% in Under Two Years

Content Research, Strategy, and Development

Prior to developing a content strategy, Aztek conducted thorough research on the contractor’s competitors, audience, and the concrete leveling industry. This included topic and keyword research to identify the most important topics to prospective customers and understand the level of competition for this content within search engines.

Once the research was completed, we were able to develop a content strategy that included new website pages and reoccurring blog posts. Prior to composition, Aztek’s internal content specialists researched each topic and relevant keywords that users were searching for in greater detail. Each piece of content had a defined CTA, prompting readers to get a free quote or contact the contractor to help drive lead generation. Because we produced frequent, optimized content, organic search contributed roughly 27% of total collected leads from 2018 to 2020.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Because the concrete leveling contractor was located in the Northeast Ohio area, SEO efforts were focused on local optimization to ensure we were collecting leads from serviceable areas. To properly optimize, we used several digital marketing tools and tactics to drive local awareness and ultimately conversions. Some of the many tactics included link building, confirming address consistency, Google My Business optimization and maintenance, area-specific keywords implementation within the website content, and customer reviews (see more below).

Paid Advertising

While content and search engine tactics may take months to see a return, we turned to digital advertising to help produce short-term conversions. In 2018, we started with Google Ads and Facebook Ads that led us to an average of 30 leads per month. In 2019, we focused on optimizing and added a new advertising platform, Bing Ads, leading us to average roughly 140 leads per month. As of March 2020, we worked on optimizing the content to avoid ad fatigue and expanded our digital advertising efforts to also include YouTube ads. To date, we’ve currently collected 645 leads from paid ads as we are in the midst of the busy season. This time last year (2019), 531 leads were collected by now. In total, paid ads contribute roughly 27% of the total collected leads from 2018 to 2020.

Social Media Posts

After conducting a social media audit and industry research, we concluded that Facebook and Instagram were the platforms needed to engage his primary target audiences. Using custom-designed graphics, customer testimonials, videos, related blog topics, hashtag research, and distinctive CTAs, we were able to not only grow his social media presence but also his website traffic and conversions from organic social media.
In under two years, we increased his Facebook following by 41% and built his. Meanwhile, Aztek increased his Instagram following from 0 to 96 in a matter of a few months. Social media efforts drove 2,032 users to the website and 84 goal conversions from the end of 2018 to the middle of 2020.

Reviews & Engagement

As a local concrete leveling contractor, obtaining positives reviews is imperative to developing a local footprint and business credibility. Using a third-party platform, Aztek was able to maintain, automate, and engage with review requests. Overseeing this process led him to receive 190 reviews, a 4.7-star rating on Google, and a Net Promoter Score of 70, which is defined as a world-class score that’s identical to Apple’s score according to

Website Development

After nearly two years of using a third-party custom-built content management system, the contractor decided to move the current website over to one of Aztek’s preferred CMS systems, Umbraco. With this CMS transfer came design tweaks and elements that needed to be made to help drive higher conversions. Some of these adjustments included:

  • Adding a CTA form on the homepage billboard to help drive conversions
  • Creating a service area page to help with local SEO efforts
  • Adjusting video placement on the homepage based on heatmap data for better engagements
  • Using more vibrant colors for CTA buttons to help direct the user’s attention to the call to action
  • Re-mapping the user journey and site navigation to address the audience’s needs and clearly define the available services

Since these updates were made in February 2020, we’ve seen a noticeable increase in website traffic and goal conversions compared to 2019. A ‘buffer’ month needs to be accounted for as some URLs changes and Google had to recrawl the site.

The Outcome

In under two years, the concrete leveling contractor was pleased to see a substantial increase of leads from digital advertisement and organic efforts, and the impact our marketing efforts had on his total sales. Keeping his busy season in mind (April – August), you can see a clear increase in conversions compared to the year prior. Although conversion metrics were not set up until September 2018, there’s still a clear indication of the growth that is happening year over year.

Concrete Leveling - Total Conversions

Concrete Leveling - Conversions by Month

Conversions were setup and tracked primarily based on website form fills and collected phone calls. On a quarterly basis, goals and KPIs were set up to not only reach these goals but exceed them. Aztek’s marketing efforts essentially increased sales for this concrete leveling contractor by 320% in under two years, and we are proud to be a part of the overall business success.

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