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How Webmaster Tools Helps Your Keyword Strategy: Part 2

Last month, I explained how you can use Google and Bing Webmaster Tools to find and track new keyword opportunities. Today, I explain how you can use another report – the Content Keywords report - to implement a responsible keyword strategy after you know your target keywords.

Wondering what I mean when I say “responsible keyword strategy?" Keep reading. I’ll get to it.

A screenshot of a Content Keywords report in Google Webmaster Tools.


What Is the Content Keywords Report?

The Content Keywords report provides a list of words (and close variations) that are most commonly used on your website.

What Value Does the Content Keywords Report Offer?

There are hundreds of ranking factors, many of which have nothing to do with keyword mentions on a page. However, if you’ve been trying to rank better for a competitive term and hit a plateau, keyword density may be your problem.

To put this into context, let’s pretend you sell deodorant. To increase your chances at selling more of it, you want to improve your organic ranking for the term "organic deodorant."

When you pull your Content Keywords report, you see that Google does not consider deodorant an important keyword. In other words, it's not mentioned enough and you should create content focused on "organic deodorant."

What Is A Responsible Keyword Strategy?

Learning that you need to add more keyword mentions does not give you license to cram that word onto your site wherever possible (a concept I call keyword shoehorning). This can make your rankings worse because it leads to a poor user experience for your visitors.

Instead, take a close look at your existing content. Did you miss any opportunity to include mentions of "organic deodorant" in old articles or blog posts?

You should also think about new content creation opportunities. Can you write a series of related blog posts? Can you create new web pages or create a new section of your site dedicated to deodorant?

Always keep these tips in mind when creating your keyword strategy!

Image of a man using a shoehorn.

Where is the Content Keywords Report?

Image of menu in Google Webmaster tools, with a circle around the Content Keywords report.

This report is specific to Google Webmaster Tools.

To find it, log in, click on Google Index in the left-hand navigation, then select Content Keywords.

Have you used this report before? Do you use other tools to manage a responsible keyword strategy? Leave a comment to let us know!

Photo Credit: "A shoehorn used to don a pair of loafers." by EncycloPetey