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So Long Facebook Ad Relevance Score, Hello Actionable Relevancy Metrics

Last month, Facebook announced they will be ending the ad relevance score and replacing it with three more granular and actionable metrics.  Here's how these changes will impact your paid campaigns on the social media platform.

Facebook Ad Relevance Score

The current ad relevance score is one single metric based on the positive and negative feedback Facebook would expect an ad to receive. The more positive interactions your ad receives, the higher the relevance score and vice versa. Positive and negative interactions are up to the discretion of Facebook and vary between different ad types and ad objectives.

The benefits of the relevance score, according to Facebook, are:

  • Lowering the cost of reaching people
  • Testing ad creative before scaling a campaign
  • Optimizing currently running campaigns

While the relevance score has been great for directional purposes – is my audience reacting positively or negatively to my ad? It can sometimes be difficult to judge what the audience is reacting positively or negatively to, and therefore challenging to know what changes we need to make to improve an ad's relevance score.

Facebook Ad Relevance Measurement Changes

Starting April 30, 2019, Facebook will start replacing the ad relevance score with three new relevance diagnostic metrics that provide more actionable data. The new Facebook relevancy metrics, noted below, are more helpful in determining what changes to make to ads to improve overall relevancy. They directly attribute an ad's positive or negative interactions with specific parts of the ad, so it no longer feels like a guessing game when it comes to what you should be testing.

Quality ranking

This metric will help advertisers understand the perceived quality of their ad compared to ads competing for the same audience.

How does this metric help improve ad relevance?

If quality ranking is low compared to others competing for the same audience, we know the issue is likely with the ad itself. The creative or the message is not just not working. Maybe what the ad is saying doesn't seem relevant to the image being used. Or maybe there's a disconnect between the product or service and the solution being proposed. Testing and tweaking these should help improve the quality ranking.

Engagement rate ranking

This will show an ad's expected engagement rate compared to ads competing for the same audience.

How does this metric help improve ad relevance?

If engagement rate ranking is low, what's being proposed, sold, asked, etc. is likely not resonating with the audience being targeted. This lets us know that we need to try new audience parameters or pivot the action we want the audience to take. Tailoring the message or request to the specific audience will help improve overall engagement.

Conversion rate ranking

This metric will help advertisers understand how their expected conversion rate compares to ads that have the same optimization goal and are competing for the same audience.

How does this metric help improve ad relevance?

If conversion rate ranking is low, there are probably some post click experience issues that need to be addressed. Does the landing page deliver on what the ad promised? Is there enough additional information provided so the user feels comfortable taking a next step? Testing different landing page templates, CTAs, copy, and more can help optimize conversion rates.

Understand Your New Facebook Relevance Metrics

We know sometimes change can be hard, especially when it comes to marketing data and reporting. But in this case, the changes Facebook is making can only help improve the social media advertising businesses do and the ads they are serving to target audiences.

If you have any trouble integrating the new metrics in your reporting or understanding what they mean for your campaign, feel free to reach out. Aztek's team of social media advertising experts is happy to help!