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The Value of Working with a Digital Agency Running on EOS

If there’s one thing we’ve found in our two-plus years of running EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System®), it’s that when you encounter another EOS organization, you have an immediate connection. Organizations running EOS often share the value it has brought them, but they also share similar processes and approaches to running and growing their businesses.

If you’re an organization running EOS, then you know there’s a large part of the process dedicated to Marketing Strategy. Included in this strategy is your target market, your three uniques, your proven process, and your guarantee.

What’s not necessarily included in this strategy is who is going to help you implement it. If you use the EOS philosophy of getting the “Right People in the Right Seats,” you may have a strong marketing or IT leader or team internally. There may often be times, however, that you don’t have those resources internally, and that’s where a digital agency could be an incredibly valuable partner.

EOS Marketing Strategy Alignment

Any good digital agency will do a thorough discovery process to understand your business, your audience, your products/services, and your goals. With companies running EOS, you have a head start because you’ve already completed the Marketing Strategy component of the V/TO. You’ve already identified your target audience, your competitive advantage, and your go-to-market strategy.

From a messaging standpoint, these components will translate to the content you have on your website, the copy you use in your digital ads, the way you engage with your audience and social media, and everywhere else you have a presence online.

EOS Goal Setting

If you’re running EOS, then you’re certainly familiar with the idea of “Rocks.” For the unacquainted, think of “Rocks” as quarterly goals. Ideally, these are the most important things that your organization needs to tackle in the next 90 days.

From a partnership perspective, these Rocks can provide a clear roadmap for a digital strategy. You may for example decide that it’s critical that you roll out a new feature on your website in the next 90 days, or that you need to emphasize lead generation to increase your organization’s sales pipeline. These Rocks can be used as the foundation for a digital strategy, and can be broken into specific tactics, or “milestones” in EOS-speak.

Tracking Success with Defined KPIs

If there’s one thing that EOS does particularly well, it’s the ability to keep you accountable. The V/TO not only contains measurable 10-year, 3-year, and 1-year goals, but you’ll also break those down into quarterly “Rocks” and even a weekly “Scorecard.” In the absence of this kind of structure, organizations that partner with agencies often ask the question, “how will I know if it’s working?” However with EOS, you have the framework for a detailed and specific measurement plan.

Some examples we’ve seen include:

  • Adding metrics like leads generated, website traffic, or social media followers to the Weekly Scorecard
  • Using Rocks to focus on bigger, important projects like website feature additions, development of a new digital advertising campaign, or integrating multiple platforms together.
  • Leveraging 1-year goals to connect how digital and marketing efforts will impact business goals like revenue, new clients, and retention.

Turning Insights Into Issues

If you’re running EOS “pure,” you have an L10 meeting each week (perhaps multiple) in which you discuss the most important Issues affecting your business. Don’t let the name fool you, sometimes Issues can in fact be opportunities as well. Working with a digital agency that can provide you with insights that impact your business can provide you with some valuable additions to your weekly Issues list.

Here are some examples:

  • Observing a significant increase in website traffic to a key product or service page, indicating that your business might have increased interest or demand in that product or service.
  • Sharing a trending topic or keyword related to your industry that could be an opportunity that your business hasn’t taken advantage of.
  • Analyzing visitor behavior to help your sales team understand more about prospects, their needs, and their interests.

Partnering with a Digital Agency Running EOS

We believe that running EOS can give you a huge head start with any digital strategy, whether you’re working with an agency or not. But if you’re searching for a digital agency for web design, web development, or digital marketing, partnering with an agency that already knows the EOS terminology, framework, and processes can be powerful.

Aztek has been an EOS organization for over 2 years, and we continue to uncover clients that also run EOS or establish new relationships with organizations that run EOS. If you’re ready to bring your EOS Marketing Strategy to life and partner with a digital agency that lives and breathes EOS, get in touch with us today!