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What Does a Social Media Advertising Agency Do?

Social media advertising plays a pivotal role for businesses. With the right strategy in place, your social media channels can assist with driving traffic to your website, building a connection with your audience, and generating quality leads. However, if your business is like any other, you’ll recognize managing your social media channels internally, creating compelling content and producing results is not always an easy task – not to mention it can be pretty time consuming!

If this sounds like you, a social media advertising agency may be a good fit. Here are the types of services and key benefits working with a social media advertising agency can provide.

Three Types of Social Media Services

The role of a social media agency is to help identify and engage with your audience, and provide measurable results in return. To achieve this, there are three primary services a social media agency can provide.

Social Media Management

Keeping up with your social media channels can be overwhelming, regardless of whether your company has a preexisting presence to maintain or needs to build a presence from scratch. Though it may take time, finding ways to engage with your audience and stay in front of them can directly impact your brand's business objectives, so it’s important to take managing your social channels seriously.

A social media agency will work with you to best understand who your audience is, identify which social channels are the right fit, and create high-quality content that can be shared on a consistent basis. You should expect your agency to create engaging content calendars as well as handle the scheduling and distribution of your content at ideal times using social media management tools such as Sendible.

Some agencies may even assist from a customer service aspect and respond to questions or comments shared from your audience online. Be careful here. You should consider whether you're comfortable having a third-party be the voice of customer service for your brand on social media. Also, consider how "available" you need to be, and how quickly you need to respond.

Paid Social Media Advertising

It can be difficult to grow your social media audience and get in front of the right demographics. In the past few years, social platforms like Facebook have introduced algorithm updates that make it harder to organically reach your audience, which has made social media marketing more of a challenge.

So what other options do marketers have? You can use paid social advertising to help supplement your organic efforts. Paid social advertising helps place your message in front of the right audience by targeting key segments or demographics.

Each social platform has its own targeting options and ad types and can serve a different overall purpose. Depending on your audience and KPIs, a paid social agency may recommend different networks for different goals. Whether you want to generate more sales, awareness, or website traffic, a social advertising agency will work with you to develop a campaign strategy that will produce results.

Social Media Strategy and Reporting

Running a social media campaign won’t be effective without the proper strategy in place and reporting to measure the results following a campaign.

When it comes to continually optimizing and improving social ads, reporting and measurement is key. Generally, the measurables that social agencies focus on when it comes to reporting and on-going strategy are:

  • Effectiveness of ads for your specific audience
  • Sales, leads, or prospects generated
  • Cost per lead or result

These metrics often will help you determine if a social network is a good fit, if you’re targeting the right audience, and if your ad spend is working efficiently.

With a solid reporting framework in place, a social media agency will be able to give your business better, more thorough recommendations and overall paid social strategies. A social media agency will work with you upfront to determine what is important to your business and use that to drive their reporting and recommendations for specific social networks.

Benefits of Working with a Social Media Advertising Agency

While there are certainly many reasons you should consider outsourcing your social media advertising and management, working with the right social media agency can provide several clear benefits to your company.


Point blank, working with a social media agency gives time back to your team. If your business is not equipped to hire internal digital marketing resources or your current internal team needs support, a full team of social media marketers and advertisers can help produce a steady stream of content, engagement, and results in a more efficient time span.

Social Strategy

You may know your business in and out, but sometimes an outside perspective can provide an alternative strategic direction that targets your audience more effectively. Social media advertising agencies have the expertise for building successful campaign strategies, all while remaining within a dedicated budget and aligning with your data-driven goals.

Experts within a social media advertising agency are also well-versed in multiple social networks, and spend time working within these platforms daily – time your internal resources may not have the capacity to spend. Working with a team of experts that stays on top of trends in the industry and social networks can help support your company's social strategy and provide stronger decisions or recommendations for your campaigns.


Did you generate enough clicks to a specific product page on your website? Did you receive enough quality leads after promoting your whitepaper? Nobody wants to spend money on advertising and question whether there was a return on investment. A social media agency will provide detailed campaign reporting to help analyze the impact your social campaign has had in relation to your business objectives.

Work with a Cleveland Social Media Advertising Agency

Aztek’s team of social media experts will partner with you by producing or leveraging high-quality content and promotional strategies to grow your social media channels into impactful marketing tools. For help with building your social media strategy and paid social advertising campaigns, contact us today to learn more about our social media marketing services.