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What is Digital Marketing and Why Do I Need It?

Creating a product or providing a service that solves a problem for customers is a great first step to running a successful business. Now, you need a marketing strategy that will keep them coming back while bringing in new customers. In the digital age, businesses can’t afford to ignore the power of a strong online presence.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is an essential component of helping brands generate leads, sales, and awareness. A comprehensive digital marketing plan can help your business drive more qualified search traffic to your site but also make sure that once visitors get there, they are more likely to convert into a lead. And, in the likely case that someone is interested but not yet ready to buy, a proper strategy can keep your business top of mind until the purchase decision is made.

What’s Included in Digital Marketing Services?

In order for your digital marketing efforts to be successful, you have to understand your customers. Ask them questions, talk to them, and find out how they are interacting with your business and what their pain points are. From there, you can begin to outline how your online efforts will support or align with your overall business goals.

There are a number of digital marketing tactics that can be used to drive growth within your organization. Included under the umbrella of digital marketing are a combination of analytics, search engine optimization (SEO), content, social media, digital advertising, and email marketing. Each of these aspects of your digital marketing strategy is crucial to getting your company and products in front of your core audience.

Web Analytics

Tracking digital marketing metrics, such as the click-thru rate of an email marketing campaign or the number of forms submissions on your website, can help you understand your audience’s behaviors. These metrics can also help you measure the effectiveness of your efforts. As a result, these analytics can lead to smarter digital marketing and business decisions that will impact your growth.


With over 200 ranking factors on Google, your audience needs to be able to find your business, products, and services online. SEO is the combination of on-site, off-site, and technical best practices that help your website show up in search engines.


Prospects often find businesses when they’re researching a product or service, and customers become loyal advocates when they resonate with a brand's message. Creating content like product pages, blog posts, guides, and videos that are informative and useful to your audience is another digital marketing tactic that can help increase awareness, sales, and retention.

Social Media

Customers are increasingly interacting with brands via social media. Establishing a presence on relevant platforms and engaging with your audience can help get your message in front of social media users who match the demographics and interests you want to target.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising on search engines, social media platforms, and display networks can help expand your reach and drive new leads to your website. By bidding on commonly searched keywords and targeting the demographics and interests of your ideal customer, digital advertising can dramatically boost your lead generation and brand awareness efforts.

Email Marketing

Email marketing helps your brand stay in front of prospects and customers, so you can focus on nurturing the right leads, converting leads into customers, and retaining existing customers. The data derived from these campaigns can also be leveraged to provide more personalized recommendations to keep your customers engaged throughout their journey without being spammy.

Why Digital Marketing is Key to Business Growth and Success

Ultimately, the number of people you can reach and how often they interact with you will directly impact the success of your business. Digital marketing is the path to get them there and keep them coming back to you versus your competitors.

If you’ve been hesitant to invest in digital marketing, it’s important to consider how people are conducting business today:

As Google's Marketing and Media Strategy states, "Technology, insights, and creative are the pillars of every campaign. And bringing those three elements together delivers powerful results." Without these pieces, you may be missing out on prime opportunities to reach new customers or you may not have the data needed to make sound business decisions.

By investing in digital marketing services, you’ll benefit from increased consumer insight, more targeted, personalized messaging, and greater brand awareness, all of which can help drive growth within your organization.

How a Digital Marketing Agency Can Help

It can often be challenging for an organization to maintain all of these different online channels while receiving the highest return from their digital marketing investment. A digital marketing agency can help provide the expertise and attention needed to build and optimize your online presence amid ever-changing algorithms and consumer behaviors.

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