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Web Analytics Services

Web analytics and reporting services for smart digital marketing and business decisions.

Your digital marketing efforts are performing great, right? Sometimes, it's not that easy to tell. Aztek's web analytics and reporting services are a vital part of every client relationship we have. After all, how valuable is digital marketing if you can't measure its effectiveness?


Aztek uses a full suite of the latest tools to measure the effectiveness of your website and digital marketing efforts. We use the following web analytics tools:

Google Analytics

Google’s flagship analytics program, this tool tracks everything from website traffic to conversions to e-commerce transactions. We can set up even the most advanced tracking.

Google Tag Manager

A useful tool for quickly adding new tracking scripts and tracking advanced engagement to a website.

Google Data Studio

Our tool of choice for visualizing analytics and creating custom reports. Flexible enough for looking at analytics from real-time to long-term.

PPC / Google Ads

In-depth analytics for campaign performance lets us continuously improve your online advertising spend.

Call Tracking

Tracking phone calls as leads is an important part of seeing the overall success of a digital marketing campaign.

Keyword Tracking

We'll track your rankings and visibility on search engines to ensure SEO efforts are driving traffic back to your site.

Visitor Tracking

Clients engaging in Marketing Automation have access to advanced analytics for website visitors, including historical web and email activity

Heatmap Tracking

We leverage heatmap tracking and other website behavior software to understand on-site engagement and improve conversion rate.

Social Media Analytics

We leverage advanced social media analytics reporting software to go beyond likes and shares and measure true engagement.


When you fly on a plane, you don't need to know how a propulsion engine works, you just need to know that you'll get to where you're going. Just the same, Aztek's web analytics reports provide the details you need, explained by our experts in common sense terms. And they always connect back to your business goals and performance objectives, allowing you to gain insight on what really matters.


Many marketing agencies use out-of-the-box reports that are hard to understand and feel more like a data dump than real insights. At Aztek, we customize every single report to our client’s goals, so they see a report that focuses on what’s important to them.

When it comes to data collection, our clients own everything. If there ever comes a time when they need to transition, there’s no painful ownership transfers or messy account sharing. We believe that web analytics data should be owned by the organization, not the agency.

Partnerships & Certifications

Aztek is proud to maintain these partnerships and certifications.

Google Analytics
Google Data Studio