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UA Data Back-Up Deadline: July 1st, 2024

Preserving your Universal Analytics data is essential for safeguarding invaluable historical insights critical for year-over-year comparisons and strategic decision-making. Don’t let this priceless information disappear! 

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Why Save Universal Analytics Data?

Historical Insights:

Your UA data is a treasure trove of insights, charting the journey your website and campaigns have taken over the years. By backing up this data, you preserve vital benchmarks and the ability to conduct year-over-year analyses—tools that are indispensable for measuring growth and understanding trends. 

Strategic Decisions:

The pandemic reshaped the digital landscape, making historical data from this period invaluable. Analyzing traffic and user behavior from the COVID-19 era can help you forecast and strategize more effectively, understanding which changes are temporary and which are here to stay. 

Regulatory Compliance:

Depending on your industry, retaining historical data might not just be practical—it could also be a regulatory requirement. Secure storage of past data ensures compliance and provides peace of mind. 

How to Back-Up Your UA Data

We know every business is going to approach this issue differently, and that's why we want you to know you have options. You can back up your UA data by yourself, or if you're short on time or need a hand, we can do it for you. 

Our UA Back-Up Package is designed to give you control and assurance:  

  • Historical Data Backup: We’ll securely back up your essential Universal Analytics data. Our standard package includes X years of historical data, but if you need more, just say the word. We can add additional years to ensure you have all the insights you need at your fingertips.  
  • Accessible Data Formats: Your data will be converted into formats that not only make future comparisons with current data possible but also provide immediate accessibility through a customized dashboard in Looker Studio. This means you can start analyzing and drawing insights from your backed-up data right away.  

What’s the Difference Between Our UA Backup and DIY?

Our UA backup service offers a streamlined, efficient approach compared to the time-consuming and complex manual downloads:  


Reduce human error and save time by automating the backup process.

Data Readiness:

Receive data that is clean and formatted for immediate use. 


Reduce long-term operational costs by minimizing manual effort.


Easily adapt to growing data needs, ensuring your backup solution grows with your business. 

Protect Your Business's Future

Saving your data is like securing a crystal ball for your business. With our help, the transition will be smooth sailing, and you'll keep those key historical insights right at your fingertips to guide future decisions. Remember, though, after July 1st that priceless data will be gone for good. 

Don't put it off—get in touch today to secure your data and keep your business ready for whatever comes next. 

Contact Us for Help Saving your UA Data