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5 Advantages of Digital Marketing For Business Owners

2017 is the year that digital marketing spend will surpass TV advertising spend. In fact, based on an eMarketer study, digital represents 36.8% of US total media ad spend last year.

Because of this, you've already started some investment in digital. You have a website, maybe even a blog that you post on every few months, you've set up some social media accounts, you've dabbled in paid search and search engine optimization, but weren't sure how to quantify results. You know you're only scratching the surface. You want to answer these questions with confidence before you invest:

  • How much business is coming from your website?
  • How much potential business could you capture from your website?

Fortunately, that data is available through digital. Unfortunately, you might not have been set up to get this data. While return on investment is the most important reason to put your money in any marketing channel, remember this: do you know the tangible return of a print ad, radio commercial, etc.? That's because there are other advantages of those mediums.

Here are 5 advantages of digital marketing, including capturing ROI, so you can fully understand the investment.


How to Improve Your Online Presence (3 Essential Elements)

Is your online presence reaching its full potential? In order to maximize your performance online, you must be doing these three things well:

  • Content
  • Marketing
  • Tracking

These do not function independently of each other, and they must be done to the highest level. There are many articles out there and methodologies that argue one over the other, but we really consider all three equally important.


Website Quality Assurance: 6 Steps to Respond Like a Pro

Despite our best efforts, sometimes a "bug" on your website will appear during the development cycle or after your website launches. It is not a glamorous part of the industry or one that is frequently talked about, but website quality assurance issues happen. If you notice any issue with your website, we encourage you to respond vs. react and follow the steps below to get any "bug" resolved faster.

As we know, real bugs (the crawly kind) come in all different shapes and sizes. Their look and speed catch us off guard and especially if they are on the bathroom ceiling. Most people's first instinct is to probably squish them as fast as possible. But what about putting them back outside. If we take a step back, what kind of bug was it? Where was it found? Is there an open window nearby? These are all good questions to provide answers about how it got there. The difference between these examples one is a reaction and the other is a response.

When we call 911 we are not calling "first reactioners" to come to our house and panic with us that there is a fire, we call first responders. What do first responders do? They ask good questions, understand the situation at hand and solve the problem. Like real bugs, we want to approach "website bugs" with an understanding and response. These "website bugs" could be anything from your website's contact form isn't submitting, something isn't loading fully, or you're not ranking for a particular keyword phrase. By following these steps, you will help ease the panic and be able to quickly ease the problem.


Developers as Authors: Reading to Improve Web Development Skills

As a developer, we like to write code, but it's amazing how much code we actually end up reading. ‚Äč It's an essential way to improve web development skills.

We've heard it before and seen various stats: day-to-day we spend more time reading code than writing it. This was always a fun-fact that I’d see and just nod my head at until I attended a talk by Joe Morgan (@joesmorgan). Joe likes things that are difficult. He took on ES6 by diving into complex real world code instead of oversimplified code snippets.

Using his background in philosophy and literature, Joe shared how he grows as a developer by reading others code critically. As developers, we are all authors, so as with literature, we need to find other developers we like and read them often.


Setting the Right SEO Performance Metrics

Google mentioned recently in this video that it can take anywhere from 4 months to a year to see SEO results. This is because there are 200 factors (and counting) that have been identified (see: Backlinko's Complete List of Ranking Factors). These factors come into play and are accounted for daily, for you and your competitors, making it difficult to nail down exactly why things happen in SEO.

The first step is setting reasonable KPIs to determine your success. Focusing on the right metrics and using keyword rankings as additional insight, can help you narrow down and understand what's really working for your SEO strategy.


Content Planning Challenges for a Website

Before you start thinking about a website redesign, you need to think about content.

We advocate for a "content-first" approach when it comes to redesigns. This means that we plan for content before the process of designing and building the new website begins. Content is your brand, it represents who you are as a company. Often it is the first interaction a user will have with you, so it's important to get it right. But it can be a challenge, we have often seen clients want to complete the content process themselves without really knowing what goes into it.

We outline some common issues we encounter with the content process to help you understand the importance of taking a content-first approach.


4 Ways to Keep Your Email Marketing List Squeaky Clean

Email marketing can be one of the most effective (and cost-effective) digital marketing activities. But like anything else, email marketing requires constant maintenance. On average, 25-30% of your email list will "churn" every year. Churn means subscribers that have disengaged, left their company, changed their email address, and unsubscribed.

The scarier part? If it appears that you're sending to too many invalid or disengaged email addresses, you risk harming your sending reputation. Or even worse, you're labeled as a SPAM mailer by many email clients and email firewalls. And that means your emails never reach the inbox.


7 Reasons Why Blogging is Important for Business

Educational and valuable content is the cornerstone of every digital marketing campaign. In many cases, agencies recommend companies to create dynamic content through their blog. However, business owners are a little bit skeptical about blogging. Questions such as "does blogging really work" are so common that we have decided to share the benefits of blogging as an answer to this question.

Blogging has many benefits and here's data to back this up:

1) Marketers who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to achieve a positive ROI on their efforts.

The end goal of all marketing campaigns is to reach goals while providing a return on investment. This statistic should motivate you to create valuable content on a regular basis.


What Is Digital Marketing & Why Do I Need It?

People in an office

You've created a product or brand that you know your core audience will love. You made sure to update your website, your products have been beautifully photographed and your checkout process is easy. Now, you sit back with a smile on your face, proud of all the work you've just done and wait for orders to roll in. Except, the orders don't start rolling in.

Where are your customers? Why aren't they buying the product you've created specifically to solve their problems?

In the era of digital marketing, this is a problem that is seen far too often. Creating a product for your customers is only beneficial if the customer knows that you and your products exist. Now, most industries are saturated with similar companies, products, and offerings. The quality of your digital marketing is the key to improving your brand presence and making your company stand out from the crowd.


Why the time is now to invest in B2B E-commerce

Predicting the next trend or technology to hit the B2B digital landscape is a fun and sometimes overwhelming task. As we become familiar with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR), it's hard to imagine how different the digital sector could look within the next decade.

Although we're not sure how things could evolve, one thing that won't change is the importance of providing an engaging customer experience. An experience that relies less on sales teams, and more on personalized digital marketing strategies. In turn, these strategies engage leads, educates and make sales online. Yes, you read that correctly. Make sales!