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16 Best Digital Marketing Conferences in 2023

There’s always more to learn about digital marketing. The good news is that there are plenty of conferences for digital marketers, business owners, and other individuals to meet industry experts, build valuable connections, and, well, learn a whole bunch of useful information.

Of course, some people are looking for different qualities in their event of choice. We decided to split this list into two sections – the big shows that plan to highlight several focus areas and the specialty-specific events that may appeal to a more niche audience. Either way, there are plenty to choose from! Here are the best conferences for digital marketers this year.

The Top Comprehensive Digital Marketing Conferences

Whether you don't know what to choose or want to immerse yourself in everything the digital marketing industry offers, these are the big, comprehensive conferences you're looking for. You can expect massive speaker lineups, plenty of marketing professionals, and all sorts of special activities to help you prepare for 2023 and beyond.

Searchlove Conference

When: March 13-14

Where: San Diego, Cal.

What: Spend spring in sunny San Diego while taking in some cutting-edge digital marketing presentations from top industry experts. This two-day conference promises to cover everything from analytics to paid promotions that will provide plenty of learning and networking opportunities from in-house specialists to managers and business owners.

Ad World

When: March 29-30

Where: Online

What: Ad World markets itself as the world’s largest advertising event, and it’s hard to argue with more than 20,000 attendees from 160-plus countries joining together for this two-day event – and it’s all online. Ad World will feature at least seven special digital advertising tracks comprised of hyper-focused speeches, panels, and live Q&A sessions to help people learn about everything from the future of advertising to email and SMS marketing. Simply put, there’s a whole lot, which means there’s a whole lot of learning opportunities that you can take in from your home monitor.

Digital Summit


  • March 29-30, Phoenix, Ari.
  • April 18-19, Washington, D.C.
  • June 15-16, Atlanta, Ga.
  • June 27-28, Denver, Col.
  • Aug. 16-17, Minneapolis, Minn.
  • Sept. 19-20, Detroit, Mich.
  • Oct. 16-17, Philadelphia, Pa.
  • Nov. 13-14, Raleigh, N.C.

What: Do you ever feel like some conferences are just too far away? Digital Summit gives you options. With eight different summits across the U.S. in 2023, you have plenty of options to choose from in order to learn more about content, SEO, and any other digital marketing specialty from industry experts and leading brands like Disney, Amazon, and more.


When: April 6-10

Where: Orlando, Fla.

What: Did you know that you can combine a conference and a cruise? That’s what DigiMarCon did! The eighth annual DigiMarCon cruise starts in Orlando and sets sail to Cozumel, Mexico and back. That five-day voyage promises plenty of speakers, sessions, and networking opportunities for business owners, marketers, and other individuals looking to grow in the digital marketing, media, and advertising industry.


When: July 26-28

Where: Cleveland, Ohio

What: Artificial intelligence is getting smarter every day, so it’s about time that we get smarter about how to use AI. MAICON (the Marketing AI Conference) is coming to Cleveland to help people learn, grow, and accelerate their marketing AI journey through special keynotes, learning sessions, case studies, and more. Even if you’re not technically minded, MAICON can help you understand the opportunities of AI and apply what you learn for your own organization.


When: Aug. 7-9, 2023

Where: Seattle, Wash.

What: Let’s face it – there are a lot of conferences out there, all with speakers and sessions and interchangeable parts that may not seem all that different. MozCon knows this, which is why they aim to be “Not Your Typical Marketing Conference.” Expect non-stuffy networking experiences with other experts who geek out about digital marketing and sessions designed to help people navigate obstacles and discover next-level tactics to upgrade your marketing efforts.


When: Sept. 5-8

Where: Boston, Mass.

What: Powered by HubSpot, Inbound is an event that plans to deliver an interactive and immersive experience for attendees. Advertised as the premier event for business leaders across industries, Inbound brings together big names for educational sessions, networking parties, and other activities that combine socialization with learning, innovation, and creativity.

Content Marketing World

When: Sept. 26-29, 2023

Where: Washington, D.C.

What: Whether you’re a digital marketing newbie or a seasoned expert, Content Marketing World is going to have something for you. This four-day conference aims to give attendees the tools and knowledge they need to advance the future (and figure out how to grow their own organizations). Enjoy the big-name keynote speakers, comprehensive learning sessions, and networking opportunities while you’re there – and make sure to take plenty of that knowledge back home.

Top Specialty Specific Digital Marketing Conferences

Options are great, but sometimes you just want a conference that revolves around exactly what you want. These particular events specialize in a specific field or theme. If you're looking for a digital marketing conference focusing on content, email, or something else, check out some of our following favorites.

Social Media Marketing World

When: March 13-15, 2023

Where: San Diego, Cal.

What: Want to learn about everything from influencer marketing to the latest cutting-edge social media tactics? The 10th annual Social Media Marketing World will host marketers, aspiring influencers, and others in San Diego to focus on organic social marketing, paid social, content marketing and overall strategy.

Hero Conf

When: April 13-14

Where: Austin, Texas

What: If you dabble in pay-per-click advertising, Hero Conf is the event for you. Hero Conf calls itself the world’s largest all-PPC conference, and with more than 40 speakers, breakout sessions with paid media experts, and four keynotes, it’s hard to argue with them.


When: April 17-19

Where: Las Vegas, Nev.

What: Sin City will play home to the biggest party you can imagine – a three-day conference for email marketing and marketing automation professionals. Join 125 experts and 4,500 marketers from around the globe to learn about the latest technology, build connections, and learn new strategies to enhance your email efforts.


When: April 30 - May 3

Where: Minneapolis, Minn.

What: Confab is the conference for anyone interested in learning more about content strategy. 2023 marks the last in-person event for Confab, and the conference is going to go out with a bang with speakers from top organizations like Google, Microsoft, and NPR discussing everything from UX to storytelling.

SMX Advanced

When: June 13-14

Where: Online

What: As you might guess by the name, SMX Advanced is a conference geared for experts looking for an advanced challenge. This two-day online program is presented by Search Engine Land and aims to teach advanced search marketers the actionable tactics they need to take on new challenges and address an evolving digital space. Oh yeah, and it’s all for free. Talk about an advanced opportunity.


When: Oct. 3-5

Where: Dallas, Texas

What: Video is only getting more important for marketers, and VidSummit is one of the most anticipated events for YouTube and video marketing experts. Head to Texas to head the world’s top brands, marketers, and influences share insight into how video can lead to sales.


When: Oct. 14-17

Where: San Diego, Cal.

What: Technology is always changing, which is why LavaCon is here to help you (and others) get the most of the state-of-the-art content tools available to us. LavaCon and its extensive list of speakers focus on content strategy and UX, so make sure to head west to learn how to tap into the latest technology and elevate your content.

Litmus Live

When: Oct. 25-26, 2023

Where: Online

What: Email marketing platform Litmus presents an online, two-day event for email marketers (and anyone else intrigued by the power of email). Litmus Live promises to provide two full days of learning, insights, networking, and development – all from the comfort of your own home.

Ready to Learn More About Digital Marketing?

Between the conferences listed above and the others that we just don’t have the time to list, there are plenty of events around the globe where business owners, marketers, and other interested people can sharpen their digital skills and gather new ideas.

Of course, sometimes you’d rather not get on a plane when you can turn to experts near you. Does your business need some help expanding your digital marketing efforts? Aztek can help you develop a more comprehensive digital marketing program and stay on top of the latest trends. Reach out to us today to see if we’re a good fit for your digital marketing needs.