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4 Reasons Why It's Time to Hire a Copywriter

Website content…It’s the most important part of your project, yet it is often treated with the least regard. You probably hired a professional web design firm to build you the site (because hey, you’re no web developer right?), but you plan to do the copy yourself…Later…When you can set some time aside.

Maybe you finally do, but nobody can make sense of it, the search engines aren’t particularly attracted to it and it took you five months to finally give to your web team.  

Maybe you don’t. Maybe your entire web redesign project goes up in flames over this “content stuff”. Maybe you wish you had called for help sooner. Here are some signs that it’s time to hire a copywriter.

  1. You’re not that great of a writer
    Most of us are good at the things we need to do to do our regular jobs…so unless you are a professional writer, it is doubtful writing is your strongest suit. And that’s okay.  I’m not ashamed to be less than proficient at say, biochemical engineering. Let’s just say there’s a good reason I went to Art School.
  2. You aren’t used to writing for the web
    Ok fine, you’re a great writer. Heck, maybe you even have an English degree. But does your experience include writing specifically for the Web? The Web is a different animal. It requires the understanding of how people read scan a page, how to break up the content for online viewing, how to be persuasive and lead to a conversion, and maybe most importantly - how to incorporate SEO tactics.
  3. You’re too close to the subject matter
    Lots of people mistakenly assume that certain basic things don’t need to be repeated or included in their web content, so they leave it out. Maybe they feel that the audience already knows it, or the audience simply won’t care about it. But oftentimes those types of things do matter to the audience, even if only to say “yes, this website is related to the widget industry, and I am looking for widgets”. Sometimes the audience is Google, who still needs to see those keywords even if you think they’re disposable.

    Perhaps you’ve just been doing whatever it is you do for too long and are no longer as passionate about it…Well, any copy you write yourself if going to sound about as uninterested as you feel.  A copywriter can bring a new perspective and refreshed enthusiasm for your industry and business. That’s the voice you want speaking to your visitors (I would hope).
  4. You don’t have time
    You’re a busy person. You have a job that already demands 50+ hours a week and then the boss strolls into your office and informs you that on top of your regular duties, you are now also in charge of the content for the new website. Oh boy.

    Weeks later the content still isn’t done (or maybe not even started). Your web design firm wonders why they haven’t heard from you, your boss wants to know why the project still isn’t done and your family wants to know where you got all those grey hairs from. It’s time to call in the cavalry.

It doesn’t matter if it’s because your writing skills leave a little to be desired, or if you don’t know how to achieve a good keyword density, you’re bored with your industry, or you just can’t squeeze eight days out of a seven day week. If you fall into any one or more of those categories, it’s time to call a copywriter to help finish your website content.