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4 Social Media Tactics All Businesses Can Leverage

There is always a new approach in the world of social media for businesses. With more brands competing for your same audiences’ attention, you need to find ways to consistently create compelling content that will drive your end goal.

But let’s be real for a moment – no business operates the same. Regardless of how many suggestions social media marketers are given, not all tactics apply or are effective long-term for every brand.

When it comes to social media marketing, businesses may be surprised to find that there really are simple approaches that apply to all (and will even maintain through the ever-changing updates of social media networks). Whether you’re hoping to fill your sales funnel or drive awareness of a new product, here are a few of our “one-size-fits-all” social media tactics every business can leverage.

Understand Your Audience

Before you make any social media plays, take some time to define who your audience is first. Once your team is clear on who your audiences are and why, do the research to understand which social media networks you’ll be able to effectively reach them on based on what you’ve learned.

There’s no benefit to putting content out to a disinterested audience, all because you weren’t clear on who your messaging should be created for and where.

Determine Business Goals and Objectives

Don’t post or promote without purpose. Before actively using your social channels, determine what results you hope to accomplish collectively or from the individual networks, as well as how that will tie in with your business objectives. Understanding what types of content you should be publishing based on your goals can help better craft your social media strategy toward results.

Choose your goals and objectives with purpose, too. Simply stating you’d like to receive 100k followers on Instagram may seem like an exciting feat to accomplish but be sure your reasoning can tie back to results. Why do you want 100k followers? Does that correlate to your brand awareness goals and gaining more impressions per post? Will it increase your likelihood of more leads? Or, is it truly a vanity metric? Consider your goals thoughtfully and let social media work its benefits.

Use Your Channels, Time, and Content Wisely

One of the biggest misconceptions is that brands should have a presence on every social media network. Your company may not be right for every social network, and that’s OK. If you see your success driven from LinkedIn vs. Facebook, pivot your time and strategy toward the networks driving more results. There’s no sense is putting out content on a network that isn’t going to align nicely with your business objectives or audience.

Track Your Efforts

Successful businesses on social media track their data alongside their goals. So you want to drive 1,000 visits to a specific product page this quarter–how’d you do? Analyzing how your results compared to the metrics will allow your business to draw insights from what actions or messaging drove the ideal outcomes, and what aspects of your strategy should be shifted if results fell short.

Aztek’s team of social media experts work with businesses of all industries on tactical and strategic approaches to social media marketing. For help with building an effective social media strategy and driving ROI for your business, contact us today to learn more.