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How Email Marketing Can Support Your Digital Advertising Campaigns

Online advertising is a great way to quickly increase traffic to your website. The more traffic coming to your website the higher chance you’ll increase sales, right? The average conversion rate for B2B companies is around 3%. That means if Google Ads is bringing 1,000 users to your site, maybe 30 of them will contact you. That’s a great start, but it can always be better.

It's time to think about what happens once that potential customer clicks your ad. How are you nurturing your leads into becoming customers or clients? For most businesses, it’s unlikely for someone to become a customer just because they clicked an ad and filled out a form – a whopping 80% of new leads never turn into sales. Sometimes you need something to keep pushing them in the right direction. 

Enter marketing automation. 65% of marketers don’t nurture their leads, which is quite a missed opportunity given the amount of time it takes before that lead converts. While paid brings in an interested audience, email can keep them engaged while these oh, so valuable contacts consider their options.

How Marketing Automation Helps You Get More out of Your Paid Leads

By combining digital advertising and email marketing practices, you can set yourself up to make the most out of all your leads. 

Getting your paid campaign launched marks the beginning of a successful marketing process. Those potential customers need to be interested enough in your ads to make this process possible, so attracting those clicks is a critical start.

After paid acquisition efforts draw in visitors, those potential customers will ideally take some form of action to show they’re interested – fill out a website form, download gated content, complete the contact page, etc. These forms should help you collect enough information to know who the person is and how to contact them. You should always start with at least an email, but ideally also include:

  • A name
  • Company
  • Job title
  • Any other pertinent personal information

This information is obviously important for contacting them, but it’s also useful for your future marketing efforts. Lead nurturing is about establishing a relationship with your potential customers and helping get them ready to make the decision that you’re wanting them to make. A typical customer journey consists of five to 20 touchpoints, and finding your site through ads is only one of those. 

Email automations help you create those critical touchpoints long after that person clicked on your ad. Every message is a new opportunity to build a relationship with that lead and serve them the necessary information they need to make a decision, such as:

  • White Papers 
  • eBooks / Resources / Downloads 
  • Webinars (live and on-demand) 
  • Gated content 
  • Free trials 
  • Coupons

Download: How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Agency

Partnering with a digital marketing agency is an important decision. Download our guide to figure out everything you need to consider when choosing the right agency for your business.

The Power of Using Email Marketing to Nurture Paid Leads

Simply put, nurturing paid leads is a winning move for your whole company. Lead nurturing through marketing automation helps you turn more leads into actual sales while providing your sales teams with warmer leads than before. Don’t believe us? Here are some cold, hard facts to show you just how much nurturing your paid leads matters.

If those numbers aren’t enough for you, don’t forget that email is one of the cheapest and most effective forms of communication. Once you have your ad copy, landing page copy, and any relevant content written, you can re-use some language and assets in your nurture emails. That initial work gets you about 90% of the way done with creating a successful lead nurture automation.  

Develop the Right Lead Nurturing Campaign for Your Business

Generating high-quality leads is the top marketing challenge for more than a third of businesses. By taking the time to combine your paid and email efforts together, you can directly address a major pain point while getting the most out of your hard work.

Lead nurturing with email is a fascinating thing, and there are many ways that you can implement it. You can opt for anything from a simple blanket level strategy with a single email to a complex series of automations – the most important part is that you do something instead of settling for the same old results. 

Whether you’re looking for something simple or more complex, we can help. Aztek has helped many clients keep their paid media leads engaged through email marketing. We develop custom automations based on the behaviors of your audience from PPC campaigns and your business's sales and marketing goals. Reach out to us today to see if we’re a good fit for your digital marketing needs.