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The Art of Constructive Feedback: Strategies for Effective Communication in Marketing Partnerships

The methods and strategies we use to build a successful business in this day and age have changed a lot since life before the internet. It’s no wonder that partnering with marketing agencies has become a common practice for any company aiming to expand their online presence and drive growth.

With so many moving parts and pieces, hiring an expert to help with your digital marketing strategy feels like a no brainer. It should come as no surprise, then, that for these partnerships rely heavily on effective communication and feedback to be successful.

Not all feedback is created equal, however. Understanding how to provide constructive, actionable feedback can significantly impact the overall performance and efficiency of a marketing campaign. In this blog post, we dive into the nuances of constructive criticism and explore how a positive approach to feedback can foster a collaborative environment that encourages creativity and innovation.

Be Specific and Actionable

You wouldn’t have much success baking a cake if all the steps were vague and nondescriptive. If that were the case, the step “add flour” would suddenly turn into a game of 21 questions: How much? When? What type? The same goes for how you articulate ideas and opinions to your marketing partner.

Vague feedback can lead to confusion and hinder progress. One way to avoid being ambiguous with your ideas is to frame your thoughts around SMART goals. By considering how specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound your suggestions are, you give your marketing agency everything they need to implement the changes quickly and efficiently.

Here’s an example: Instead of saying “this doesn’t feel like it is effective enough,” consider elaborating with SMART goals in mind: “I want to focus on improving the campaign's conversion rate by 15% within the next two months. I think to do this we need to optimize the landing page for better user experience. Could we try some A/B testing to see what resonates more with our audience?”

Balance the Positive and the Negative

Constructive feedback isn’t just pointing out what isn’t working. Effective feedback strikes a balance between acknowledging successes and addressing areas for improvement.

When you recognize and praise the positive aspects of a campaign to your marketing partner, you not only boost morale, but also provide a benchmark for what is working well. Articulating what you like gives your agency the opportunity to keep those concepts and ideas in mind for future campaigns while also giving them a framework to help refine existing areas that need attention.

Here’s an example: “The use of visuals and engaging content in this email campaign really capture the look and feel of our brand, but I think we should refine the call-to-action (CTA) strategy for better conversion rates. I want to see the CTA more prominently placed, and the language adjusted to encourage immediate action.”

Foster Open Communication

At Aztek, we believe that communication is the backbone of any successful partnership. That is why we kick all our partnerships off by establishing open channels of communication.

It’s important for us to foster an environment where feedback is encouraged and welcomed. To achieve this, work with your marketing partner to implement regular check-ins, progress reports, and collaborative discussions. These tactics will give your agency everything they need to continuously optimize and refine your marketing strategies.

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Build a Trusting Partnership

Building a trusting relationship between your business and a marketing agency is crucial for success. You hired your agency because of their expertise and experience. Sometimes you’ll need to trust their process, even when you may have a conflicting opinion at times.

Instead of perceiving alternative suggestions to your feedback as defiance, view it as a collaborative opportunity for mutual growth and improvement. In doing so, you cultivate a culture that values the expertise each party brings to the table. This approach not only strengthens the partnership, but also contributes to the resilience and success of marketing campaigns, as both sides contribute their unique strengths and insights.

Here’s an example: "I'm not a fan of the bold color choice in the latest email campaign. It seems too flashy and may not resonate well with our audience. To help me better understand your approach, could you walk me through why you thought these colors would be the most effective for our goal?”

Embrace Growth

With every campaign comes an opportunity for growth and improvement. Constructive feedback is the fuel that drives the engine forward. If your company needs help finetuning your online strategy, Aztek can be your partner in growth.

We have spent more than 25 years working with companies just like yours to grow their online presence and improve their marketing strategies. If you’re ready to see what your business is capable of, reach out!