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3615 Superior Avenue, Suite 4404A
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

Digital Marketing Agency

Aztek has 20+ years of experience driving leads, sales and awareness for hundreds of organizations.

We know how important it is to make your site easy to find, with relevant content that converts visitors into leads and leads into customers. Whether you lack the resources internally to effectively manage digital marketing efforts or you’re looking for a partner that can provide strategic digital marketing direction for your organization, Aztek can help.


We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We'll meet with you to discuss the specific business goals and objectives that you're looking to achieve. Then we'll map out a custom strategy with the right digital marketing services to match these goals.

The Discovery Process

Because we don’t have one-size-fits-all “packages,” we take the time to get to know each organization that we work with and map out a strategic plan with specific tactics and measurables. This typically includes:

  • Discussion of business goals and current challenges/opportunities
  • Existing website audit
  • Industry and keyword research
  • Discovery meeting to learn about products/services, audience, and objectives
  • Development of quarterly strategic “game plans”

Measure Results

Aztek uses a data-driven approach. We help you identify meaningful metrics that will drive real business results, not just website results. Visitors, likes and shares are neat, but that must translate to leads, sales, and true awareness.

We develop 100% custom reports for each and every client based on what they care about seeing. Have a new objective you need to measure? No problem, your reports can be updated based on the changing needs of your business.

Agile Planning

We're not fans of the term "set it and forget it.” Just like your business, things change over time. That's why we constantly refocus your digital marketing activities based on performance, changes in your business or audience, and trends in the industry.

Honest, Value-Based Pricing

Aztek’s Digital Marketing monthly investment is established using a value-based model. Once we understand an organization’s goals and budget, we’ll outline the monthly strategy and investment that will help you reach those goals.

Some professions have earned a bad reputation for charging you every time you sneeze in their direction. That’s just not good service, so we don’t charge you for calls, meetings, travel, or even sneezes. You’ll always know what you’re getting, and we’ll always deliver exactly that.


When you build a house, you don't want one person that "kind of" knows how to do everything. You want specialists who are experts at plumbing, electrical, drywall, etc. That’s why Aztek's team has experts in every area of focus related to digital marketing - SEO, PPC (pay per click), marketing automation, social media, content, you name it.

With Aztek, you also have the benefit of working with a digital agency that has in-house expertise in web design, app development, and custom web development. So when things get technical, Aztek can support a project of any scope.

Roots in Cleveland, Reach Far Beyond

Whether you call it internet marketing, online marketing or digital marketing, Aztek has been a leader in helping businesses build websites that convert for over 20 years. Established in 1999 in Cleveland, Ohio, Aztek has become one of the top digital marketing agencies in Cleveland. Over the past two decades, we have expanded our reach from Cleveland to Columbus, Ohio and throughout the Midwest.

Our Industry Certifications