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5 Website Analytics Tools to Help You Understand Your Website Visitors

Understanding your website visitors is a critical effort to continuously improving your digital presence. While obtaining website traffic may seem like half the battle, learning who your visitors are and how they are interacting with your website can be equally as impactful to driving the activity behind your goals.

At Aztek, we work with organizations on an ongoing basis to improve their digital marketing efforts by capturing audience information from their website. While there are certainly plenty of useful tools available to experiment with, we’ve identified a few of our favorite website analytics tools your business can use to better understand your website visitors.

Google Analytics

When it comes to free web analytics tools, Google Analytics is one of the most commonly adapted. Google Analytics is easy to set up and customize to your business – not to mention, it integrates with most other platforms. The tool will allow you to collect useful data about your website and audience, including the age, location, and specific devices (e.g. mobile, desktop, etc.) your visitors are utilizing to arrive on your site. You can even use Google Analytics to observe the point of entry for users, which pages they are interacting with, and at what point are they leaving.

If your organization is just getting started with Google Analytics or even looking for additional ways to utilize the tool, check out our posts for Google Analytics newbies and 5 Useful Google Analytics Reports.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is another free website analytics tool that allows you to measure your website search traffic and performance. While the tool primarily helps organizations understand factors impacting their visibility in Google search, Google Search Console also gives businesses an inside look into which queries users were searching that ultimately lead to a click or session on their site. Gaining transparency into how your audience references specific industry terms, products, or services, can help guide your organization from a content creation standpoint or in updating existing core pages of your site to capture a wider audience.


When it comes to tracking exactly how your users are interacting with your website and which specific areas of your webpages draw or lack interest, CrazyEgg is one of the leading tools to help. With a range of website engagement tracking features, a few key testing features we recommend will allow you to understand your customers better:

  • Heatmapping – Allows you to see where visitors are clicking on your selected webpage and which areas are more heavily engaged.
  • Scroll map – Shows how far down a page a visitor is scrolling.
  • A/B testing – Allows you to move or recreate specific elements of a webpage to test variants against your current site and how users interact or convert per variant.


Whether you’re currently in the process of redesigning your website or contemplating improvements, user testing can provide your business the ability to observe exact behaviors from your target audience as they interact with your website. Tools like Hotjar allow you to take real-time recordings of your users as they engage with pages of your site, collecting information that can either validate or oppose your assumptions. Hotjar also encompasses many similar testing features as CrazyEgg for heatmapping, A/B testing, and more.


If you’re looking for an advanced analytics tool to learn your audience, Quantcast can provide AI-driven audience insights, tracking, and measurement. The tool dives deep into real-time insights of who your website audience is, what is motivating them, and how they are spending time on your site or taking a path to convert. Specific audience details Quantcast can uncover include:

  • Demographics (gender, household income, age, children, education)
  • Shopping interests
  • Brand affinity
  • Media interests
  • Business and occupation
  • Browsing interests

Find the Right Website Analytics Tools for Your Business

There are plenty of tools available to help you better understand your audience and the visitors on your site, and no one or combination of platforms may be a right fit for all. As you consider which tools to explore, think about what information would be beneficial to your organization, what you’d like to measure, and if you have a budget to dedicate toward specific tools. With a little experimentation and research, you’ll be on the right path to finding a tool that fits your needs.


A digital marketing agency has access to various website analytics and testing tools to help businesses understand website visitors. Need some help collecting or interpreting your audience data? Contact Aztek today to start a conversation on how our web analytics services can benefit you.