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New Year's Website Resolutions As the year wraps up, it’s a good time to make some plans for things to accomplish in the New Year.

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As the year wraps up, it’s a good time to make some plans for things to accomplish in the New Year. Budgets are being decided, strategies being finalized. Make sure there is some time and energy set aside for your organization’s website. Even if you just finished a huge website project last year, there are still lots of other things you should be considering this year.  And since your website doesn’t need to quit smoking or call it’s mother more often, here’s a few more appropriate ideas…

  • Survey your customers to see how your website could better serve them this year
  • Ask somebody who’s not a customer if they understand who it’s for and what they would improve
  • Remove meaningless language that doesn’t benefit your users
  • Remove meaningless, flashy or otherwise useless features that don’t directly benefit your visitors
  • Create content and features that does benefit users
  • Develop a content creation strategy and schedule (and stick to it)
  • Execute at least one new social media initiative and give it enough time and attention to actually work
  • Do a year-end review of your website analytics
  • Try a new analytics package (heat mapping is neat if you’ve never used it)
  • Conduct A/B testing to see what is working and not working on your site
  • Better define site goals and conversion metrics for the new year
  • Improve search engine rankings for five keywords
  • Start ranking for five new keywords
  • Refresh the look of the website
  • Update the photography used on the site (before people’s clothing starts to look dated)
  • Develop a mobile version of your website (if you don't have one already)
  • Start a Google AdWords campaign
  • Start a new HTML email campaign
  • Clean off old or unused files from your web server (or have your web design firm do it)
  • Update old dates or references to time that should change with the New Year (we’ve been in business “x” years, etc.)
  • Check that outgoing links on your site are still going to the intended location. Sometimes domains change hands, occasionally with embarrassing results for the sites who were linking to them
  • Commit to constant review and improvement (for you and your website alike)

From all of us at Aztek, have a great New Year!

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