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Content Marketing

Content-first strategies educate audiences, engage customers & drive better lead acquisition.

Content marketing serves as the foundation for search engine optimization, thought leadership, and social sharing. Smart brands understand the value content brings in terms of educating audiences, building a brand, engaging customers and generating quality leads. A website or digital marketing strategy without high-quality content is like a house without furniture - it looks nice, but it’s not particularly useful.

Content Creation Services

At Aztek, we take a content-first approach to web design and digital marketing. Our content creation services are focused on establishing the right voice and tone for your brand, driving website visitors, and converting visitors into leads and sales. Here are just a few of the ways we do it:

Blog Content Writing

Increase search traffic and attract new visitors with a consistent stream of high-quality blog content.

Web Page Content

Push visitors through the sales cycle with optimized, high-quality content on a website that’s informative, action-driven, and user-friendly.

Landing Pages

Guide your target audience exactly where you want them to go with landing pages to boost conversion rates from search and paid digital advertising.

Case Studies

Nurture leads by demonstrating expertise and authority for your products or services with proof from case studies.

Guides & Whitepapers

Drive your target audience to take action with gated content like guides and whitepapers.

Social Media Content

Engage with your audience through social media platforms to promote and share all your valuable content.

Newsletter & Email Content

Execute your email marketing strategy with expertly written content designed for lead nurturing and customer relationship management.

Our Content Strategy

Every organization has different needs from a content perspective. Some may simply need support in producing content on a regular basis, while others may need a more robust content strategy that spans their website, search efforts, paid campaigns, social media, marketing automation, and more. That’s why we tailor our content creation services to each organization we work with. We’ll work with you to strategize, write, edit, promote, and distribute all types of content marketing customized to your needs.

There are a lot of things to think about: Who owns this content? Who needs to see it before it's published" How often will it need to be updated? We can help answer these questions. Aztek’s skilled writers have experience creating content for a wide variety of industries and audiences. We have a full digital marketing team that takes into account everything from tone and user experience to search engine optimization and lead generation:

Content Strategy

Our strategists make user experience a top priority to craft a content strategy tailored to your goals. Content strategy is the backbone behind all copy written for your organization.


Our copywriters have experience writing across industries for virtually any audience. From case studies and whitepapers to blog posts and website copy, our writers can produce high-quality content that produces results.

Keyword Research & SEO

Our search specialists conduct keyword research and stay educated on implementing search engine optimization best practices to give your organization a competitive advantage on the web.

User Experience

Our web designers work closely with our digital marketing team to ensure we’re creating high-quality content that’s not only optimized for search but is also built with the user in mind.

Social Media

Our social media experts and paid media specialists work to develop comprehensive strategies to engage with your target audience and convert leads through landing pages and social media content.

Marketing Automation

Email marketing can have great ROI, but you need an expert team to drive conversions. Our combination of content and marketing automation experts work together to make that happen.


Our editors have experience taking your content up a notch. We’ll work with your writers to ensure content is ready to get in front of your audience.


It’s only human to make mistakes. Our proofreaders will comb through your content with a meticulous eye to ensure no typos, spelling mistakes, or grammatical errors slip through the cracks.


Our agile content creation services are designed to attract visitors, build your audience, and convert leads. We’ll work within a content calendar to draft copy and send it to you for approval before publishing. This allows you to be able to review the content and make recommendations. We won’t publish anything without your consent.

If you would like to keep content marketing in-house, our content experts can provide proofreading and editing services along the way. We’re willing to do whatever is best for you and your business. Ready to start creating?