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Social Media Marketing

Results-driven social media marketing & advertising helps you better engage your community, tell your brand’s story, and expand your reach.

Social media is a powerful digital marketing tool to connect with current and prospective customers. Customers are increasingly interacting with brands via social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram in both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) markets. In fact, 89% of top performing sales professionals say social networking platforms play an important role in closing deals. If you’re not speaking directly to your audience, you’re missing out on key opportunities to drive brand awareness, increase website traffic, and generate more qualified leads.

With all the different social media networks available, you might not know which platform is best for promoting your company’s brand, products, or services. Likes, shares, and clicks are great, but a social presence is wasted if it isn’t driving real business results for your company.


Aztek’s team of social media experts can help identify which social channels attract your ideal customers, share content that will catch their interest, and proactively grow your audience. To bolster your efforts, our paid social media advertising strategies can get your message in front of social media users who match any demographics and interests you want to target. Here are the social media services we offer:

Social Media Community Management

Social media is an important part of your digital marketing efforts. Do you have the resources to support it internally? Transform your social media presence with consistent and engaging content. Aztek’s team of social media experts can provide you with a customized social media marketing strategy and ongoing social media management. Our expert social media managers will work with you to curate, schedule, and post content on your behalf, and set you up with the tools needed to monitor engagement.

Social Media Content Creation

Let’s face it, social media without content marketing just isn’t successful. Engage with your audience to drive lead conversions. Aztek’s digital marketing team is experienced in creating high-quality content, whether it’s repurposed and shared on social media channels or written directly for social media. Plus, our optimized content will earn your posts valuable real estate in search engines.

Social Media Advertising

Sometimes, social media marketing needs a boost. Ensure your campaigns get in front of your target audience through paid social media advertising strategies. Aztek’s paid digital media advertising team is experienced in developing social media campaigns aimed at driving traffic to your website or to physical locations. Our proven strategies are designed to promote specific products or services and generate valuable leads for your sales team.


What does a successful social media strategy look like? Tracking the success or ROI of social media programs can be challenging. With Aztek, we always tie these efforts back to your organization's key performance indicators. Whether that includes growing your followers, increasing customer engagement, or boosting e-commerce sales, lead generation, and employee recruitment, we’ll tailor your social media strategy to deliver exactly the kind of results you need. To ensure we’re consistently meeting your goals, our team will provide you with up-to-date reports and analytics that include important statistics from all your social media channels.


Every organization has different needs when developing a social media presence. Between monitoring daily activity and backing content with paid efforts to drive more qualified leads, we’ll create a custom social media strategy that will turn real results.

To define your social media marketing goals, you’ll need to ask: Who is your target audience? What are you hoping to achieve? What message do you want to convey to your community?

We can help answer these questions and recommend solutions to increase your social media presence. Whether your target audience spends time on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, or Pinterest, we’ll work with you to implement the best tactics to grab their attention and win their business. Through high-quality content, smart promotional strategies, and paid advertising campaigns, Aztek can super-charge your social media presence and turn it into one of your company’s most effective marketing tools. Ready to start connecting? Contact us today to start a conversation.

Our company has seen terrific, measurable improvements in social media performance metrics since enlisting Aztek for social marketing strategy. They’ve helped us significantly increase our Facebook page audience, post reach and engagement.

Laura Shank, Apple Growth Partners