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Generate high-quality leads and more engagement with marketing automation.

Transform your disjointed and manual digital marketing processes into a lean, mean lead-generating machine.

Marketing automation software helps organizations generate more high-quality leads, turn one-time customers into brand advocates, and empower salespeople to identify and focus on the best opportunities. Imagine being able to send a targeted and personalized email to every contact in your database, right when they need it.

What can I expect?

You'll work with a certified marketing automation specialist to integrate marketing automation with your existing website and CRM, and build automated programs that generate and nurture leads like never before. Aztek works with a number of different Marketing Automation software, including Act-On Software, MailChimp, and SharpSpring.

What's included?

  • Set up of marketing automation platform
  • Integration with your CRM (if applicable)
  • Development of lead generation and lead nurturing programs
  • Design and execution of email campaigns
  • Development of lead scoring system to evaluate lead quality
  • Advanced analytics to track known and anonymous website visitor behavior

Why Marketing Automation?

Turn visitors into leads

With marketing automation you can engage and identify your prospects earlier in the buying process. Stop wondering who's on your website and identify more prospects for your salespeople.

Uncover hidden lead opportunities

Most website visitors leave your site before you know who they are. Our analytics platform can provide you with information like company name and location, even if a visitor doesn't provide it.

Focus on the right leads

Lead scoring allows organizations to prioritize leads based on their activity with your online brand. Aztek's marketing automation platform provides information like web page and email marketing activity. It empowers sales representatives with better data than ever before.

Engage (and re-engage) customers

Sometimes the easiest sales are to your existing customers. Keep them engaged through personalized email marketing and content. Automate re-engagement campaigns to turn stagnant customers into engaged customers.

Energize E-Commerce

Boost your e-commerce site by building programs focused on engaging customers and increasing sales:

  • Post-sale campaign - automate up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, and turn buyers into social media advocates
  • Cart Abandonment - don't let a change of heart lose a sale, re-engage buyers who didn't buy
  • Promotions - drive sales through sales and promotions

Partnerships & Certifications

Aztek is proud to maintain these partnerships and certifications.

Microsoft Dynamics

Marketing Automation Services

  • CRM Integration
  • Email marketing
  • Landing page creation
  • Contact forms
  • List segmentation
  • Lead scoring
  • Nurturing campaigns
  • Website tracking