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Why You Might Not Need an App

You might not need an app. There, I said it.Not only that, you still need a website, and it needs to provide an amazing experience for viewing on mobile browsers.Now, before you and Ewan Spence get

How to Add an Admin to Google Analytics

Getting locked out of Google Analytics is a bummer. But you can take measures to prevent it from ever happening by adding an admin to Google Analytics.…

What is Persona-Based Marketing? alt text

What is Persona-Based Marketing?

Personalization is crucial to capturing your audience’s attention. Here’s how buyer personas can help increase engagement and drive more qualified leads.…

How to Write for the Web: 7 Beginner Tips

Tips to impress your boss or college professor when writing for the Web. Our intern Evan shares what he learned during his experience at Aztek.…

7 Tips for Online Forms that Convert alt text

7 Tips for Online Forms that Convert

Whether it’s a simple contact form or an account registration, follow these tips to avoid online form abandonment and increase website conversions.…

Content Marketing: Be Honest. Be Authentic. Be Human.

You love searching for all things content marketing (says Google Trends). So we put together an update on the status of the industry as well as some helpful examples from Content Marketing World 2015.…