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The recipe for a solid online presence to grow your business?

One part content (strategy), one part responsive web design, and one part web application development. Mix in over 22 years of experience and enjoy results.

Content Strategy
Everything starts here. Without a solid content strategy, the rest of your project has a dubious fate.
Responsive Web Design
Until virtual reality unseats it, mobile is the dominant platform for users of your website. Being responsive is a must.
Application Development
The developers never get the credit they deserve, but these are the folks who make your website "do stuff."

There is not one single ingredient for your company to focus on in order to grow online. Instead, it's key to find the right balance of skills from a multi-disciplinary team who understands the relationship between each element.

Hiring your own full-time team with this deep of a skill set is cost-prohibitive

Designers, front-end developers, back-end developers, DevOps, database designers, content strategists, copywriters, editors, proofreaders. Hiring all those titles and keeping them busy can be a full-time job in and of itself. Lucky for you, we have them all here at your service.

Keeping up with new trends and technologies

How do you keep up with emerging trends and technologies across all those disciplines? How do you know what you're missing out on? What should you be incorporating? So much changes every day. Our team is right on top of all the latest and greatest and does the "keeping up" for you.

Aztek consistently delivers some of the fastest and most responsive support for our digital programs. Their client service is outstanding and their in-house expertise help ShurTech execute projects quickly and effectively. Aztek has and will continue to be a trusted partner.

David Rogers, ShurTech

Communicate directly with the team for better outcomes

Successful projects depend on solid communication and a mutual understanding of where things stand. That's why we put you in regular, direct contact with your project team. We don't play gatekeeper telephone games; your ideas and feedback go straight from your lips to the developer's ears.

Always know where your project stands

With regular sprint reviews, our team is constantly presenting their progress and getting your feedback. We'll show you what's been done and discuss what needs to be completed next to launch. Plus, you'll have access to a development site to view the progress yourself anytime you like.

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